September 30, 2016

New Canadian choral arrangement of Do You Hear What I Hear - for Xmas 2016

Pierre leads the Stairwell Carollers in a Movable Do warmup

Choir directors...

I hope you enjoy my arrangement of Do You Hear What I Hear. 

This particular version is reminiscent of "The Little Drummer Boy" - with lower voices mimicking the sound of the drum.

I had long intended to do a choral setting of this piece,  and now -  with publisher's permission - here it is!

Unfortunately, the only audio sample I can provide is of my music software playing the arrangement.

It's a recent work for me and so my choir hasn't premiered it yet. Maybe your group will beat us to the punch!

Pierre Massie directs the Stairwell Carollers in rehearsal

The sheet music for my original setting of this favourite Christmas Carol is now available for digital download from SMP Press

The hire process is easy, and you don't have to wait for the sheet music to arrive in the mail, since you print it directly from your digital download.



  1. My daughter heard my choir the Stairwell Carollers sing this in Xmas 2016, and wanted to hear it again, but since we didn't have a recording yet, she searched through all the Youtube versions of this piece, and told me that Pierre's is the most inspiring, by far!


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