September 13, 2016

My original composition, Eya, eya gaudeamus -- sheet music for choir now available

Stained glass angel, photo copyright Holly Massie
Eya, eya gaudeamus took first place in the 2007 Amadeus Choir International Songwriting Competition, where it was premiered by the Amadeus Choir under the direction of Lydia Adams.

Each line speaks of the joy and festive nature of the Christmas season. Like most of my original pieces, I couldn't explain where the inspiration comes from - it just does. And a few hours or days later, I have a song. It's a wonder and a mystery to me and I can't will it to happen. I have yet to do a commissioned piece -- it's tough to be inspired on cue.

The sheet music for my original Christmas Carol is now available for digital download from SMP Press. You can view samples of the sheet music there and listen to an mp3 sound byte too.

Here is a concert recording of the piece sung by my choir, the Stairwell Carollers.


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