December 9, 2016

Andrea McCrady, Dominion Carillonneur, to again perform Pierre Massie creations

Ottawa's Parliamennt dressed for Christmas

I am so proud to announce that my compositions and arrangements are to be featured in a special noon hour Carillon Concert, Monday Dec 12, 2016! If you are in Ottawa, take a stroll to the Peace Tower, Centre Block, Parliament hill and have a listen!

To be considered a favourite composer by our Dominion Carillonneur, Andrea McCrady is truly humbling. She has created exclusive Carillon adaptations of my work for the Tower Bells.

What an amazing Christmas present -- a special Tower Bell concert of my music was the last thing I expected! Thank you Andrea.

Peace Tower, Ottawa, Photo, Holly Massie, all rights reserved

if you were not aware that the music that rings out from Ottawa's Peace Tower is played live by a human being, you are not alone! In Ottawa, with technology at every turn, many take the ubiquitous Tower bell sounds for granted -- and assume that they are somehow a digital or machine powered creation.

Not so.

Pierre Massie and Dominion Carillonneur, Andrea McCrady pose with his Composition, Mourning Dove

A diminutive artist "dances" on the keys of the Carillon -- playing almost every day -- to her unseen audience of Ottawa listeners. If you are within earshot of Ottawa's Parliament Peace Tower bells you will hear them strike the traditional clock chimes ( the only mechanised sounds the 53 bells play ).

Then, if you are very fortunate, you will hear Andrea McCrady  play -- and it is glorious!

Here is a playlist of some of her work -- check out her recent spot with Rick Mercer!

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